About Us

When I first began this business I had two goals in mind. I wanted to create a sustainable clothing brand and to create an experience that made people happier than before they walked in.

My background in retail led me to conclude that there were not enough shopping spaces to make humans feel safe and included. It baffled me how we are so immersed in harmful stereotypes and these have attached themselves to clothes. From how clothes are marketed to how shops segregate their layout. I knew I needed my shop to be different, where clothing becomes genderless. So SIYL Vintage was born, a hub where there is no separation in genders, no exclusion and a place for each and everyone to feel truly welcome.

Regardless of who the garment was originally manufactured for if it fits and makes you feel fabulous then we believe it is made for you!

The perfectionist in me needed to create the ultimate vintage shop. To do this I handpick every single item we sell. That way you only get the best quality and most unique items. Lots are even reworked to turn the most hopeless of garms into something special.

We do the hard work so all you have to do is relax, listen to our tunes and get kitted out.

There is a way to shop sustainably, look fire and forget about gender stereotypes here at SIYL Vintage.

I hope you visit our shop soon, we'll be waiting!

Becci xo